Hi, there. My name is Pellinore, affectionately called "Pellie" or "Pel" by the humans around me. In the picture below, I'm the one on the left. Kinda hard to see, I know....

The other kitty with me in the cat bed is Ghost. She looks a lot like me, but her darker patches are dark grey where I'm black and white. :) Goblin isn't pictured, she's the same coloring as Ghost (they are sisters) but with REALLY long fur that drives humans crazy.

I will tell my story first, then tell Ghost's and Goblin's story for them, since they are shy.

I was wandering around the near west side of Chicago with my 4 siblings. I was just a kitten then, 6 months old or so. One of my siblings was caught and killed by a German Shepherd. We were doing okay on the streets, not great but we were being fed by a woman across the street. But after my sibling was killed, the owner of the dog called her daughter, who worked at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her daughter told this friend named Patty, who promptly got a friend of hers to drive down with her to that area. Some other scary people had been around earlier that day and caught two of my brothers and sisters, so it was just me and my sister Gypsy left. Patty and her friends managed to catch us.

It was actually pretty scary, because after they had caught us, all this turmoil went by. It was a gang fight, complete with shooting. Fortunately Patty and Dave grabbed us and took us out of harm's way, then brought us back to her house later on. Both of us had fleas, but we were glad to be rescued! My sister Gypsy found a new home, and I settled happily into my new home, the only remnant of my life as a stray being a fondness for tomatoes.

Ghost and Goblin had a sort of scary life too. They were wandering the streets with their two sisters and their mommy when some well-meaning humans caught all 4 kittens in a live-trap. They all came to live with us while the humans tried to socialize them. Poor Ghost and Goblin, and their sisters Stripe and Gizmo, were SO scared!! For some reason all four decided I'd do as a surrogate mommy, and to this day (over four years later) I'm STILL their mommy. The youngsters are still afraid of people to a great extent, and basically unadoptable, so Patty kept Ghost and Goblin and her mother kept Stripe and Gizmo.

However, when we all moved out that that place that humans call "California" (a very scary time) Patty found she couldn't keep us with her. We now live with a new human, Ryan. And all 3 of us adore him now too! He's SO good to us. Sometimes we miss our other human, Patty, and our old cat friend Myriah, but we have adjusted well!

Well that's my story, and Ghost & Goblin's story too.



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