This is Myriah again. My Human Patty said that Mirage wrote this for an earlier version of the web site, before she went away, so decided to leave it. She tells about what happened to Mirage at the bottom of the page...


Mirage's Page - and I'M the best cat on the net!!!!

Hi. I'm Mirage, and this is MY page. Below is a pic of me. I know I'm much cuter than that dratted Myriah. See for yourself!!

I was wandering the streets of Chicago as a stray. I really don't remember how I got out on the streets, but it was very scary. Then one day I saw this young human woman pulling up in a truck, and decided to see if she would feed me. She fed me on her front porch for days. Among other problems besides the lack of food, I had had an ear ripped in a fight, I had fleas, and my body was doing strange things. (It turns out I was pregnant...)

This human, called Patty, finally snatched me up and brought me to her vet, where after much stress I lost my kittens in a miscarriage. Even though she had originally turned me in as a stray, she arranged for me to be spayed and took me home, where I moved into the house with her and her mother and many other cats and a dog!!! (I really hate dogs...)

When Patty moved out of her mother's house, she of course took me, along with Myriah and some others. I really don't like Myriah, she's a spoiled brat. Pellinore is okay, and Ghost (who sometimes thinks of me as a surrogate mommy) is okay too, but I don't really like Goblin either. I know who and what I like! I also have taken it upon myself to watch for strangers in her house... ESPECIALLY those evil male-type peoples!!! Well that's my story, ta-ta!!

Patty says: Unfortunately, Mirage started to become paralyzed in July 1998 at the age of 7. The vet was unable to figure it out, and the paralysis continued. The tentative diagnosis was a tumor in her spinal column that wasn't seen on the x-rays. The vet also said that the nerve damage appeared permanent so that even if the tumor was removed (a very expensive process) she would likely never walk again. After much sad consideration, she was put to sleep. She always adored me even though her opinions of others were pretty harsh. I'll always remember wonderful, bitchy Mirage!



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