Info about the human member of the household

Hi. As you guessed by now, my name is Patty and I live in California with my adorable black cat. When I lived in Chicago I had five cats, until Mirage died (well actually for a while I had 6! but one was a foster-cat who went to a new home). They have their obvious opinions about my interests.... But I will tell a little about myself anyway, and about my interests, and provide somebody interested in HUMANS with some links.

Well. I currently work as a private consultant (business analyst) for a county justice integration project in California. After June, 2001, I will be hunting for a new job as my contract will be up. As a result, I don't have much spare time. But when I do have spare time, I spend it mostly reading sci-fi, fiction, horror, or true crime; playing on the internet (AIM nickname Myr1ah) or trying to educate myself in any way possible. I love to learn... I've taught myself various programming language (although I can't claim to be expert) and anything else that strikes my fancy. (Check under "Links" for a really interesting link to a GREAT mailing list which specializes in horror literature!!)

I'm not allowed to write much, the cat has limited me to only a little bit, so I'll try to make it short.

*wrestles with the keyboard*
Sorry about that, Myriah was insisting that my turn was up and it was her turn again ....

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