Hiya! I'm Fraggle. Excuse me while I run around for a bit .. we young cats have to keep running around, you know, or else we get old and fat and boring! Long long loooong ago (to me) I was picked out of a litter of kittens by my beloved human, Dave, and he says I was born approximately on Valentine's Day, 2001. Dave lives with another human, Patty, and my most wonderful cat friend Myriah. I consider them all to be my devoted slaves.

For some reason, Myriah doesn't seem to enjoy playing and tumbling and fighting and biting and ALL that good stuff as much as I do. She makes growly noises. However, I know she's not serious so I tackle her anyway. Ha-ha! :) Patty feeds Myriah special foods that I'm not allowed to eat... I think she has something called CRF, please check on the link above for more info.

I was found and cared for and adopted out by the Community Concern for Cats, a wonderful organization. Please visit their web site if you are in the northern California area and looking for a kitten/cat (one just like me!!). If you want to volunteer, or foster kittens, or donate anything at all, they will be happy to speak with you about it. Having come from them, I can say with assurance that they are a totally worthy cause.

Well it's boring typing on this computer - off to go tackle Myriah, or throw around my favorite toy (a furry fish-toy), or chase Patty's hair, or chase my tail .. there's so much for a young cat to do!!



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