Hi. I'm Myriah, and this is my home page.

I know that I'm just the best kitty that ever lived! Although I did used to have some problems with me not using the litter box....

I live in the place you humans call "California" .. me, I just call it home. I live there with my human, Patty. We moved out here not that long ago from another place that humans call "Chicago." All I notice is that it would get really nasty cold and my human wouldn't let me in the yard or take me for walks on the leash; and now it doesn't ever seem to get nasty and I can sit on the balcony whenever I want. When we moved - a time I'd rather forget - we moved with my 3 pals: Pellinore, Ghost, and Goblin. You can click on the "Cat Friends" link above for their stories.. they had some hair-raising times out on the streets of Chicago! Me, I was just a cute little baby kitty in a pet store, and then I went to my new home. I also shared the house in Chicago with another kitty, Mirage, but she suddenly went away one day. My human said she died... Her story is also under "Cat Friends."

Actually, I have a more serious problem than sometimes wetting the floor. I suffer from kidney disease, also known as chronic renal failure (CRF). To learn more about this syndrome, and what you can do for your cat or dog who may suffer from it, please click the "CRF" link at the top of the page.. So far my blood values are all real good, and I'm on Hill's Prescription Diet Feline K/D to help keep my kidneys functioning well. Patty tried to gather together some good sites for more information, and also lists my blood values here. For those whose pet-friends have been diagnosed with this disease, she really recommends they read up on this info!

Oh .. and for more my cat food opener and litter box cleaner, Patty, click on the "Humans" link above to hear about her boring human life. We cats are much more interesting!

If you want to email either me or Patty, you can do so at webcat@myriah.com. We'd like to hear from you! Below is another pic of me. Aren't I just SO cute???



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